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Why are we different? Very traditional mexican food

We use the freshest ingredients, add the authentic mexican flavors and serve it to you in a family friendly atmosphere

Mexican Seafood

Mexican Seafood

At Los Molcajetes Taquería you can find a great variety of traditional mexican seafood dishes. If you are in search of authentic flavors, you have come to the right place. We have many of the traditional dishes such as shrimp cocktails, fried tilapia and spicy shrimp, known as camarones a la diabla. But we also serve more variety, like our secret recipe ceviche and our delicious seafood soups such as our 7 mares soup and paella. Take a risk that you will not regret at Los Molcajetes Taqueria!! Stop by today.

Authentic Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican Food

Known as antojitos mexicanos, our mexican snacks are a very deep rooted tradition in México. No matter if you are visiting one of the largest cities in the world such as Mexico City, or whether you are taking a vacation way south close to the southern border, you can find antojitos mexicanos in any corner. We have them at Los Molcajetes Taquería. We serve sopes, gorditas, huaraches and even pambazos estilo D.F. Come with your friends and family and try some authentic mexican flavors and dishes.

Creative Mexican Drinks

Creative Mexican Drinks

When was the last time you had or heard of tepache? Chances are that it was either a long time ago, or have never heard of it! Tepache is a fermented beverage made from the peel and the rind of pineapples, and is sweetened either with piloncillo or brown sugar. You can have a traditional drink, or be a little different and try a tepache or even a horchata. Optionally, we can create art for your palate with one of our drinks made out of pineapples and mangos like our a mangochela or piña de fruta.

A few word from owner and entrepreneur Angie

Los Molcajetes opened its first location in the middle of 2012. The opening of the restaurant was to coincide with the owners birthday celebration in July, and it was opened as a present for her. Angie wanted to share with Indys’ neighbors her love for traditional mexican food and creative mexican drinks, such as our mangochela and our michelada de camarón. We serve traditional mexican food such as pamabazos and huaraches, and mexican drinks such as tepache.

A molcajete is a stone tool traditionally used to prepare salsas.

Join us for lunch or dinner and enjoy our delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and original recipes imported from south of the border. You will be glad you stop by any of our 2 indy locations.

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